what we do...


We offer both residential and non-residential boot camps as well as regular evening fitness sessions, you can find out more about what is involved in our boot camps and fitness sessions below... Please also check our diary dates to see what is coming up.

Boot Camps


Out on the coast here at St Agnes we have the perfect location to both inspire and motivate.


We pride ourselves in offering a really diverse range of activities and have seen time and time again that encouragement and group motivation are key elements in helping our clients achieve their goals.


Sometimes all you need is a change of environment to kick start a new fitness regime and our location on the rugged Cornish coast is perfectly suited to our military-style fitness program.


We focus on results through intense but enjoyable whole body workouts that are affordable, achievable and fun.





Below are just some of the activities we offer at Granite Coast Boot Camp...



morning runs

morning runs


What better way to start the day than a refreshing run over the beautiful Cornish cliffs… a breath-taking view around every turn.

military circuit training

military circuit training


Our professional and experienced instructors will keep you motivated and focused even if you want to stop. They will coax, encourage and persuade you to reach your ultimate goal.




Just when you think things can't get any more exciting, our qualified instructors will have you jumping off 30ft cliffs into the sea… the ultimate adrenaline rush.

function fitness training

functional fitness training


The instructors will put the whole of your body through dynamic, everyday movements that relate to real life. Concentrating on your Core fitness this will give you a real boost.

team building

team building


Whether you are at boot camp on your own or as a group, our instructors will mould you into a team. Using the stunning natural surroundings you will help and encourage each other forming a strong-bonded unit.

Whatever your requirements, whether you are looking to get fit, lose weight or just have fun... or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Fitness Sessions


Our 1 hour and half hour regular evening and morning fitness sessions are friendly, non-shouting an encouraging and are aimed at getting you to put in your maximum effort whilst enjoying yourself and having fun with like-minded people.


It's like having your own personal trainer but for only £5 an hour (£3 for the half hour sessions). We believe the more fun you have the easier the session is and no two session are the same. Variety enhances results.


We are currently holding fitness sessions in St Agnes and Truro. You can find more details on venues and times on our diary dates page.


evening fitness sessions


fitness sessions


evening fitness sessions




Poor misunderstood Boot Camp! ... Here we debunk some of the most common Boot Camp myths...

  1. Boot Camp resembles the killer military training of soldiers... There will be no crawling on your knees and elbows through mud and no tortuously long runs. At Granite Coast Boot Camp we are about motivation, encouragement, and FUN. We believe the more fun you have the easier the session is and no two session are the same. Variety enhances results.

  2. The instructors will yell at us... Not at Granite Coast Boot Camp! The only thing you will ever hear from us is motivation and encouragement.

  3. I have to be in shape to keep up... The whole point of participating in Boot Camp is to improve your fitness level! Most Boot Campers come with the intention of getting fit, so fitness is certainly not a prerequisite. Our sessions are aimed at all levels, all abilities and all ages.

  4. I will hold the group back... We specifically tailor our sessions so that you will not. Our goal is to create all sessions in which each participant feels comfortable with his / her fitness level and works to their own ability with the encouragement of others and the instructors.

  5. I have an injury so I can't participate... We will never ask you to do something that you aren't capable of doing. In fact, we always work around any pre-existing injury or problem instead of through it. If you can't do an exercise that's no problem there is always an alternative for you. We'll find something just as effective for you to do.

  6. All there is to Boot Camp is sweat and more sweat... We are constantly working with our clients with regard to nutritional advice and general health and wellbeing. Our qualified instructors are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have on developing a healthier lifestyle.

  7. There is no way I can afford it... We run all our sessions on a pay as you go basis and to quote one of our clients 'It's like having two personal trainers but for only £5 a session'... We are currently developing our loyalty card scheme to offer even more value for money for our regular customers.

  8. All Granite Coast Boot Camp sessions are the same... Our Chief Instructor's 20 years experience as Physical Training Instructor means he has a wealth of knowledge of thousands of exercises and sessions to keep each session with us fresh.



  1. Our trainers will help you achieve your maximum potential and provide you with the bespoke after care package to help you sustain those results.

  2. You will meet like minded people who's camaraderie will help motivate you to do more than think you can.

  3. If you live in Cornwall you will gain a fresh appreciation of the amazing scenery we have on our doorstep whilst getting stronger and fitter.

  4. Coming from out of the county you will discover an environment like no other within Europe and one to which you will be drawn again and again.

  5. At Granite Coast Boot Camp there is no such thing as a typical day. We keep each day fresh and exciting responding to our clients wishes and the demands of our environment.