Welcome to Granite Coast Boot Camp


Health and fitness is not just the sole privilege of the young, fit and healthy. Here at Granite Coast Boot Camp we aim to motivate you towards achievable body fitness through our boot camps and fitness sessions...

What We Do...


We pride ourselves in offering a really diverse range of activities in order to help you achieve your goals. We believe the less like exercise it feels the more enjoyable it becomes and our perfect location will help inspire you towards ultimate results.


We aim to make getting fit and healthy affordable, achievable and fun. We strive to give you the motivation to continue making healthier choices long after your initial visit to us and our bespoke after care package ensures you remain on the right path when you get home.


We offer both residential boot camps and non-residential boot camps as well as evening fitness sessions... you can find out more about what we do and what you can expect here.


Tough Mudder


On 21st September a team from Granite Coast Boot Camp completed the gruelling Tough Mudder South West event, a 12 mile obstacle course involving lots of mud, running, ice baths, electric shocks and more.


You can find out more and see some photos here.

Where We Do It...



We are located in St Agnes on the north coast of Cornwall and have the world's largest and most scenically spectacular open air 'gym' facility.


The steep rock strewn paths hugging our stunning world heritage coast, our sandy shorelines, demanding dunes and surging surf, means our 'Granite Gym' encompasses everything nature provides.


You can see more of our magnificent location in our gallery.



Our Instructors...


Our military instructors form the heart and soul of Granite Coast Boot Camp. An integral part of their expertise is being able to quickly ascertain what your limits are and coax you beyond them.


Our military physical trainers are well respected and valued within the British Armed Forces and Special Forces. Each trainer provides unique skills giving you the ultimate fitness experience. Your instructor will focus on your individual fitness needs and requirements and keep you highly motivated during your time with them.


If you have any questions regarding our boot camps or fitness sessions, please call Ian on 0000 3924652 or Chris on 0000 3924634, alternatively please send us an email.



Ian Bailey (Director & Chief Instructor)


Ian has been working in the capacity of Chief Physical Training and Recreation Officer for approximately 20 years with the Royal Navy and in that time has worked with all ability ranges from the convalescing, the generally unfit to superfit special forces. No matter what your ability level Ian knows how to help you achieve and extend your fitness horizons beyond what you thought possible. 


Chris Smith (Director)


Chris has extensive local knowledge of the beaches, cliffs and waters from over a decade lifeguarding and 25 years of surfing this stretch of coast. He has also established and run several successful local businesses, worked as a small business advisor for the Princes Trust, has been a journalist and teacher throughout many schools across Cornwall, the UK and around the world



The team here take the view that our work with clients doesn't just begin and end at the start and finish of each session. At Granite Coast Boot Camp we offer advice on nutrition and exercise prior to your arrival and strive to give you the motivation to continue making healthier choices long after your initial visit to us.


Sometimes all you need is a change of environment to kick start a new fitness regime and our location on the rugged Cornish coast is perfectly suited to our military-style fitness program.


Out on the coast here at St Agnes in Cornwall we have the perfect location to both inspire and motivate. We pride ourselves in offering a really diverse range of activities and have seen time and time again that encouragement and group motivation are key elements in helping our clients achieve their goals.


We focus on results through intense but enjoyable whole body workouts that are affordable, achievable and fun.



Our qualifications include:


  • Military Fitness Instructors
  • Life Coaching
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise to Music
  • Functional Fitness
  • Mountain Bike Leader
  • Mountain Leader
  • First Aid